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Custom Imprinted Polyester Lanyards

Polyester Printed Lanyards are affordable, have a low minimum and are the most popular type of lanyard that we produce. Just Lanyards polyester lanyards are made of the same high-quality polyester material as our woven lanyards. Your text and design are silk screen printed onto the lanyards. The printing process is the same one used to print on silk screened T-shirts and coffee cups, and ensures your custom design will show up in clear detail.

Lanyards made from polyester, cotton or nylon straps come in a variety of widths, thicknesses, colors and patterns. Attach strands to a clip and sew them in place with a straight or zig-zag stitch. Using the zig-zag stitch will keep some materials from unraveling. Break away clips are easily attached to this kind of material if easy removal is necessary. The flat material is easy to decorate with paints, pins or even beading to provide a personal touch.

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